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Fragtime- A New Yuri Anime Centered Around Girl's Love with a Supernatural Twist!

The yuri anime ova, Fragtime, is based on the manga series of the same name by Sato, is set to release on November 22, 2019.

The official website for the upcoming yuri anime ova uploaded a new trailer

Fragtime revolves around Misuzu Moriya, a young high school girl with a unique ability. For 3 minutes each day, she can stop time and move about freely as everyone else around her remains perfectly still. Being as shy as she is and having difficulty socializing with her peers, the ability to stop time has allowed her to get close to her peers without worry. She goes as far as to approach Haruka Murakami, the class idol, and lift up her skirt while she stopped time.

All she wanted to do was see Murakami's panties but what she got in return was a lot more. To Moriya's surprise, Murakami is immune to her special ability and was fully aware of her classmate trying to get a close-up of her underwear. To make up for this clear invasion of privacy, Moriya promises to do whatever Murakami wants.

What started out as an awkward encounter, unfolds into a love story between a girl with an unusual ability and the class idol.



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