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You will level up by playing this amazing yuri game! "The Curse of Kudan" is available from Lilyka!

Updated: Nov 15, 2021

The Curse of Kudan (Girls + Yuri + Urban Legends PC game)

You will be able to switch the language between English, Japanese, Simplified & Traditional Chinese)

🖱️ You can play from here!

There's more than just yuri manga and anime, there's yuri games too!

The brand concept of [SukeraSomero] established in year 2020

"to fill the world with YURI!"

However, there are still many people who don't know about yuri games.

We hope that you will take this opportunity to learn more about it.





There's a rumor going around about the urban legend known as "Kudan."

They say that it takes the form of a woman in mourning dress, her face covered by a black veil, her right severed at the wrist...

They say that those who lay eyes on her are doomed to have misfortune befall them within seven days...

Feelings start to bud between student Sakuya Kudan and culinary teacher Touko Shima after coincidence brings them into one another's orbit.

However, their peaceful everyday life is abruptly shattered when Touko sees Kudan, the harbinger of calamity.

The hours tick down as Sakuya rushes find a way to combat the curse, and her search brings her to the academy's Occult Research Club and its president, Koto Ashinaki.

Now she must face off against the unknown in order to protect the people she loves...


Three "Kudans" await you

The First Kudan

The urban legend that's the talk of the town.

An apparition that appears as a woman shrouded in mourning dress and brings misfortune to any who lay eyes on her.

This is the Kudan at the center of this tale.

The Second Kudan

The district where the characters live: Kudan District (North & South), Chiyoda Ward, Tokyo.

The story enfolds across the stage of this little corner of Japan's bustling metropolis.

Locations include Kudan Women's Academy, Kudanzaka Park, and the local station area.

The Third Kudan

Sakuya Kudan, the story's protagonist. Strangely, she shares her name with the local apparition.

Since childhood she has been plagued by strange nightmares which have now taken on a shape from urban folklore.

Soon she will learn of her deep connection to the "Kudan" of legend...

gA person often meets her destiny on the road she took to avoid it.h

Sakuya Kudan is doomed never to get what she wants, but to always be fettered by a fate she didn't ask for.

Yet running from fate sends her straight into its open arms...

As she seeks to avoid it, she encounters Touko Shima; when choosing to take it into her own hands, she meets Koto Ashinaki.

What will these women find swirling within the mysterious mists of myth and legend...?

Ghosts in the gloaming, and girls with rawness in their pasts

Apparitions appear in the witching hour as the girls grapple with their own personal curses.





Sakuya Kudan (16) CV: Ayaka Fukuhara


A second-year student of Physical Education at Kudan Women's Academy.

Sakuya is a scholarship student and star of the kendo club. Add to that stunning looks and a charming disposition, and you have yourself the most popular girl in school.

She's bold and decisive, with a rigid moral compass that demands accountability, regardless of status. These personality traits can lead to her being seen as a fearsome figure, but she's actually a very kind and caring person.

Sakuya has been best friends with Karen Azuma since elementary school, where they were on the baseball team together before she turned to kendo and Karen to softball.

Her two older sisters got her into nerdy interests such as manga, retro gaming, and niche novels. Her unruly hair stresses her out something awful.

"Might be nice to have a destiny I chose for myself."

Birthday: August 24

Height: 172cm@Measurements: B87EW59EH88@


Touko Shima (21) CV: Manaka Iwami


A culinary arts teacher living in Kudan.

Descendant of a wealthy family that earned its fortune in forestry and shipbuilding, Touko runs a culinary school out of a fancy building near the station.

She's sweet and gentle, but also sharp as a tack and quick to follow a line of thinking to its logical conclusion.

However, her proclivity for caution leads to indecisiveness, and she tends to keep her calculated judgments to herself.

She admires Sakuya's ability to make quick decisions and take instant action, and the two become friends.

Although she hasn't been acquainted with her personal assistant, Sawako Iwai, for too long, she hopes they can become friends one day, too.

"These eggs with the golden yolks are just perfect for carbonara. They'll give your sauce some real depth."

Birthday: July 13

Height: 164cm@Measurements: B82EW61EH84


Koto Akinashi (15) CV: Maria Naganawa


A first-year General Studies student at Kudan Women's Academy.

Going by her fashionable style, you wouldn't expect her to be into ghosts and urban legends, but Koto is a huge occult nerd and president of the Academy's Occult Studies Club.

She actively investigates those mysteries that spark her interest and publishes the results in a magazine that combines objective analysis with personal opinion.

She strives to maintain the reputation of the organization; contrary to her looks, she's actually the serious, intellectual type. She knows how to act with propriety, but once you really get to know her she'll drop the polite act and speak casually.

She knew of Sakuya already--who at the academy doesn't--but since they belong to different departments she never expected their paths to cross. However, after Sakuya rescues her from a certain incident, they become friends.

Her hobbies are watching horror movies and drawing. She also likes to make her own accessories.

"Please, take a seat on the sofa. Can I get you a drink? We have tea and coffee."

Birthday: December 1

Height: 144cm@Measurements: B75EW54EH76


Karen Azuma (16) CV: Rie Okamoto


A second-year Physical Education student at Kudan Women's Academy.

Karen is on the softball team and attends the Academy on a scholarship program. While this covers her tuition and confers various other benefits, it's all dependent on her results. Lively and boyishly good-looking, she doesn't speak as roughly as Sakuya, but her general personality is more masculine. She has two younger brothers who are also into sports, which further encourages her not to worry too much about maintaining a ladylike manner or appearance. Still, she can turn on the charm when she has to.

Her hobbies include dining out at her favorite curry places and being a know-it-all when it comes to movies and video games.

"So, what, you're trying to scare me? You do know my favorite movie genre is horror, right?"

Birthday: September 10

Height: 172cm@Measurements: B85EW62EH91


Sawako Iwai (24) CV: Nanako Mori


An assistant in the employ of the Shima family, Sawako is currently assigned as Touko's PA and takes care of everything from her secretarial work to managing the family home.

She's always cool, calm, and collected. A woman of few words, she says only what's necessary and tends to keep her expression neutral; while she of course has emotions, they can be hard for other people to figure out.

She previously served the Shima family matriarch, Touka's grandmother, but has now been asked to take care of Touka. Because of how well the family treats her, she is far more dedicated to Touka than she would be any other employer.

Her hobbies are classical music and obtaining professional qualifications. During her free time, she's usually studying for various exams.

"I am in the employ of the Shima family and have been instructed to take care of the young lady."

Birthday: January 21

Height: 168cm@Measurements: B81EW60EH82




Product Information

Resolution: 1080p full HD

Jump function to return to any point in the game from the backlog screen

Studio: SukeraSparo

Genre: Mystery yuri visual novel

Suitable For: All ages

Operating System: Windows 7 / 8 /8.1/ 10

Staff Roll

Character Design & Art: Hanekoto

Scenario Writing: Hatsumi Shimizu


Backgrounds: Akizuki Suiren

Opening Song

"Two Lights"

Vocals: Yuki Yumeno

Lyrics: Yukihito (Sumire), Mizuki Niito (Sumire)

Arrangement: Mizuki Niito (Sumire)

Voice Cast

Sakuya Kudan : Ayaka Fukuhara

Touko Shima : Manaka Iwami

Koto Akinashi : Maria Naganawa

Karen Azuma : Rie Okamoto

Sawako Iwai : Nanako Mori

What will happen to these beautiful girls!? Let's find out!!


Thank you so much!!

=============================================================STORY ストーリー===========================================================





●1つ目のクダン:巷で話題のフォークロア 《クダン》        


●2つ目のクダン:登場人物が生活する土地 《東京都千代田区九段(北・南)》        主人公たちが物語を動かす舞台が、千代田区九段周辺で描かれます。主に舞台となる場は“九段女子高等学校”“九段坂公園” “駅周辺”など。

●3つ目のクダン:主人公 《九段朔夜》        







■■■STORY -剧情-■■■





●第二重九段:登场人物所生活的土地 “东京都千代田区九段(北·南)”以千代田区九段周边为蓝本所构筑的,主人公们推进剧情的舞台。主舞台为“九段女子高级中学”、“九段坂公园”以及“车站附近”等地。






■■■STORY -劇情-■■■





●第二重九段:登場人物所生活的土地 「東京都千代田區九段(北·南)」以千代田區九段周邊為藍本所構築的、主人公們推動劇情的舞臺。主舞臺為「九段女子高級中學」、「九段坂公園」以及「車站附近」等地。






🖱️You can switch the languages anytime when you start the game! This is extremely good source of study languages as well! "To fill the world with YURI!" Yuri save the world!



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