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Yamato Bambies: Do you like a tall girl who doesn't want to stand out?

👧Hello, I'm Lilyka. We met a new artist today!

Would you mind introducing yourself?

👦I'm Yamato Bambies. I post yuri manga on my Twitter, so please follow me! (

By the way, there is an old capital in Japan called Nara. Nara is also known as "Yamato no Kuni (Yamato province)" and there are many deer living there. My pen name, Yamato Bambies, comes from my hometown, Nara. When you visit Japan, please stop by Nara as well as Tokyo!

👧Wow wow wow!! Could you also tell us about your new manga Tokorozawa is 177cm tall?

177 cm is about the same as Taylor Swift.

👦Tokorozawa-san and Shirakawa-san's short story was posted on Twitter originally.

When I posted it, I didn't intend to continue for a long time. The story is about two girls who are not yet together. Please look forward to seeing how they communicate their feelings in the future. There are several other short stories in this series, so please enjoy them as well.

👧Nice! Lilyka received excited messages from the fans already about this new title.

Do you have any messages for global readers?

👦Thinking about how people outside of Japan can read my work makes me very happy!

It would be great if you could give me your thoughts and comments on Twitter, etc. However, ... I can only read Japanese, so I will rely on Google Translate in that case ^_^.

Tokorozawa is 177 cm tall (

Yamato bambees Twitter @yamatobambies

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