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Want to make your GL Manga debut?

Are you looking to make your GL manga debut?

*We, here at Lilyka, would like to help make your dreams come true~!

Currently, we are accepting new submissions, so if you would like your original work published under our label, please feel free to send us your work!

No need to worry about eBook creation or copyright complications, we'll take care of all that on your behalf.

Check out the guidelines below to see if your series qualifies.


❤️️Storyline must be shoujo-ai / yuri focused. There must be some girls love element evident

❤️️Manga must be a minimum of 20 pages long. Submitted title should be at least one complete chapter in length.

❤️️Both Dual Language (ENG + Native Language) OR English, accepted!

Dual language titles are highly encouraged but one of the provided editions must be in English.

❤️️If your series meets all of the qualifications above, and you would like to submit your work, please email your manga to us at:

❤️️Here with a subject line of Creator Submission:

[Your Manga Title]

We look forward to hearing from you!

*Disclaimer: All applications are subject to a review process. Submission of work does not guarantee publication.

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