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"Under My Skin" is released in English! It is a total give-away present!

Updated: Jul 10, 2021

Artist: Chariot @imgayhowbouthat

Translator: Luca Lily @LucaLily1

Profile of Chariot Sensei

Born in 1999

I grew up going to an all girl’s high school, I used to only like BL, but during my high school life, I became fond of Yuri (GL) and girls.

I debuted as a manga artist with "Nomura Nao and Kyougoku Hina.''

Now, I am planning to publish a manga series and also erotic manga for adults from Igedoaha.

How "Under My Skin" was created?

"Under My Skin" was made at the age of 19 as a graduation art assignment at a vocational school.

At that time, I was desperate to draw a "manga that appeals to the masses." But, for my assignment, I decided to ignore the masses and drew what I liked instead.

When I was young, I was ashamed to love the first "Twilight" movie, and I decided to make a Chariot Version of it, and "Under My Skin" was born.

I didn't expect "Under My Skin" to be evaluated well, because I thought it was a work which only I could enjoy. However, I got the highest scores among the graduation assignments and I also received the best award in the publisher's contest. So, "Under My Skin" was a catalyst for me thinking "A manga shouldn't be too much for the general masses."

It's a work that I really like, so I'd love to serialize it someday.

Messages for you from Chariot sensei

Thank you for reading!

If you haven't read it already, you are welcome to read it now!!

It's free! !! !!

Sometimes I post Yuri illustrations on my Twitter, so if you are interested, please come and see them!

Feel free to send me your thoughts by DM or reply, your messages will encourage me!

See you in my next Yuri work!

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