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Tomo & Towa Oshima introducing high school girls yuri manga series "After School" (Houkago)

Towa /Tomo Oshima Interview

💋Could you please introduce yourself Tomo & Towa Oshima sensei!

[Towa Oshima]

I draw manga mainly for youth magazines.

★ Currently, "Best Friend" is being serialized on Young King BULL

(Shonen-gahosha Co., Ltd.)

★Masterpiece's title ... "High School Girls"

(Joshikousei Girl's High) (Futabasha Publishers Ltd.)

13 volumes. (2006 TV animation)

★ I work as a group "Sweet Pea" or "Sweet Pea & COCOA BREAK" only for yuri Doujin self-publishing with Tomo,

I am in charge of the original work for this project.

[Tomo Oshima]

★Tomo participated in the event with the self-funded publication "Sweet Pea" or "Sweet Pea & COCOA BREAK".

I am in charge of drawing in the creative yuri genre.

In the past, I published a fan-fiction work of yuri and adult men's and women's books

★Our hobby

Both of us are cat lovers and we always have many cats!

We also love visiting hot springs, and have released manga works on the theme of hot springs.

💋Could you talk about story behind manga series "After-school "?

These days, adults in yuri society are really popular. However.....

we like to delve into the emotions of girls during their school days and

wanted to create a love story about the girls putting themselves out, a mood of clumsy and frustrating.

In addition, it is also a point of insistence to challenge how far you can dig down just by drawing a kiss without daring to advance to their relationship...

💋 Very interesting to find out about how JK girls behave.

Do you have any messages to fans and new readers?

The first season of the "After School" series was completed with 11 episodes & 5 extras spin-off. In the future, we are planning the second season.

After School depicts the two girls who have changed their relationship and kiss even before becoming a couple.

Besides this title…we have created and expanded more yuri works, such as

"Women's changing room" with the theme of "two girls dating and having a physical relationship"

"Women's Bath" series, with a hot spring that specializes in "relationships only with the body".

We will challenge more of the works of yuri with various relationships, so please look forward to it. We really hope that these works will capture your heart even a little.

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