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"The Story of Inhuman Girls" by Siu Yosiujima

Updated: Jul 30, 2021

"The Story of Inhuman Girls" Color illustration manga with specially drawn cover for Lilyka is finally released! Please enjoy her extreme, unique style and poetic dialogues.

① About Siu Yosiujima @shiuriri

Siu Yosiujima is a comic artist who enjoys creating Yuri based manga and illustrations.

She is most fond of "in-human" girls and often makes an appearance in her own creations.

② About her illustrated manga, "The Story of Inhuman Girls"

"When I set out to draw [The Story of Inhuman Girls], I really wanted to create something I enjoyed! While still doing my best to add in a little bit of sadness, here and there."

③ A message to my fans and new readers

"I will continue to do my best, so that I can discover and share more about my favorite genre [with the readers]."

Thank you so much!

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