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Teen Manga Influencer Hoshizoranoshita's "Like an early blue flower1" English ver. is available now!

Updated: Jul 25, 2022

❤️Hi Hoshizora sensei! Would you like to introduce yourself?

I’m hoshizora no shita! (Means under the stars! )

I'm a half Japanese, half Scottish girl! I'm currently working as a vocational school student and drawing illustrations and manga ( ´▽ ` ).

My specialties are, of course, drawing illustrations and manga, and my favorite things are anime, manga, and movies! One of my favorite movies is Hajimari no uta (Begin Again)!

(I love Adam from Maroon5, he's one of the reasons why I like this movie lol).

I also like listening to music, and I always listen when I paint! My favorite song right now is "Strawberry Blond" by mitsuki!

It has a beautiful melody and vocals, so please listen to it.(*´ ∨`)

❤️How was the "Like an Eary Blue Flower creating?

The yuri manga I draw is always based on illustrations that I draw on a whim!

In the case of my manga work “Like an Early Blue Flower”, the original illustration was of Lilya and Kotone running on the beach together.

I looked at this illustration and thought, "These girls are from a preppy school... and this girl with white hair... she's Russian! ...... And then they transferred to this school where there was a girl with black hair... I see, that's where they met..." The story of the two of them naturally fell into my head, and I made it into a manga.(*´ ∨`)

It's not so much that I'm creating the story, but rather that the girls I drew are showing me their story... I'm just transferring the story they're showing me into my manga. I'm the one doing the illustrations, but who is creating the stories? The girls! So for me, the main characters in the manga I've drawn so far are like my daughters, sons, and family (*´꒳`*).

I don't know if you can understand what I'm saying because I don't have enough vocabulary, but in a nutshell, Lilya and Kotone from ”Like an Early Blue Flower” are my beloved and precious daughters! You kind of get it, right? (;´д`)

❤️ Do you have messages for world readers?

Thank you for reading my work! There are many other yuri manga works besides this one, so please visit my pixiv if you like! (*´꒳`*)

And, I have some character goods of my masterpiece “Iidesuyo Senpai” (It's OK, Senpai).

They are now on sale at my BOOTH!

Please try to read the story of "It's OK, Senpai" as well! (*´ ∨`)

Hoshizoranoshita Books

pixiv: 30675341

Twitter: @Hoshizoraonoi

Instagram: hoshizoraillustrations


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