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"Senpai no Kouhai" by Alt Hanakage is partially a real story...?

Updated: Jan 31, 2022

❤️Profiles and Greeting for world readers from Alt Hanakage

Hi! Dear readers :) Thank you very much for reading my comic! Hello everyone. I am the author of "Senpai no Kouhai (seniors of juniors)" Alt Hanakage.

Thank you very much for reading my manga this time! To give you a brief profile of me, I'm a manga artist who mainly draws Shakaijin Yuri."

(Yuri about adults in society.) I mainly publish manga and illustration works on Twitter etc. I also communicate with fans on a distribution site called TwitCasting.

My fans are very kind people who praise the woman I draw. I'm always energized by them! :) (Some fans live abroad!) Until recently, I had serialized a commercial manga called "Sei Kaihou: Sorezore no Ai no Katachi (Sexual Revolution: Each Shape of Love" set in the L of LGBTQ +.

Currently, I am preparing about 3 titles as a series, including a Yuri manga set in SM. I hope you look forward to it…! (Check my Twitter for details !;) → @hnkg_alt) I especially love older sexy ladies and cool girls, and I am delusional every day. My hobby is watching movies (recently movie that I watched is... ”Ocean's 8” . Cool women was quite active and it was great!)

I am also obsessed with K-POP, makeup and fashion ... I also love sweets and coffee. I also play musical instruments when I have time. (Piano, clarinet etc ...) I've been thinking that I'd like to draw a manga about musical instruments someday. ❤️Could you tell us about the episodes, secret stories, and feelings about the production of your seniors and juniors? "Senpai no Kouhai" was an episode that came to my mind when I looked back at my own sexual identity: lesbians. When I was a student, there was a girl who was unconsciously chasing me with my eyes. At that time, I thought, "I'm looking at her because her appearance is attractive and I admire her." When I became a member of society and I happened to saw her in the city, my heartbeat was surprisingly fast, and I realized, "Oh, I was in love with her." "Senpai no Kouhai" is a story about senior: Sayuri who happened to see her Junior: Lisa in the city.

This "reunion" is the key word to release the "love" that has been hidden until now. No matter how much civilization or technology has evolved over the years, decades, or hundreds of years, something that never changes for humans is an emotion I believe.

So, I wanted to draw a love that wouldn't change even if the stage of their lives changed. Another thing, this manga has a personal feeling. Before creating "Senpai no Kouhai", I thought "let's give up on becoming a manga artist", and I worked at a company like many people usually do, but I resigned my job soon. I couldn't become an artist, I couldn't blend in with society, and I had really difficult days. However... "I'm unemployed anyway, I'll draw a lot of manga while I am free!" I got over that feeling. Among my manga works, the most feature-length work is "Senpai no Kouhai".

After that, "I read Senpai no Kouhai"! The publisher got in touch with me. What goes around, comes around, I can now live as a manga artist. Also, my friend living in Brazil read this manga and said, "Would you like to translate this manga into English? Let's have a lot of people read it!" That triggered an increase in Brazilian friends and overseas fans! I'm not good at English, but I still get along with my Brazilian friends.

These days I tend to be lonely, because of the corona, but the support of some of the fans who are far from Japan is encouraging me to make manga every day. So, I am especially grateful for this title "Senpai no Kouhai". ❤️Do you have any message for your fans and readers around the world regarding your future activities? I'm still a fledgling manga artist, but I would like to continue to challenge various things to make my fans who support me happy as much as possible!

Also, like Lilyka Manga, I have more opportunities to interact with people from overseas, so I would like to study English;) It's a difficult situation due to the corona, but I hope that the power of Yuri manga will rejuvenate everyone's hearts! I hope that you will continue to support Yuri manga works that are created by Alt Hanakage. Thank you for reading this to the end !;) Hanakage Altōhai-part-1-p424894854

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