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Ruri Hazuki Shikishi Autograph Event

Updated: Feb 25, 2022

Ruri Hazuki sensei's Shikishi Autographs are ALL GONE!

Thank you so much 5 of you paticipate in this wonderful rare event!

Lilyka is proud to offer a special autograph event featuring popular yuri creator, Ruri Hazuki! 

You can purchase the ticket from and you will receive autographed Ruri Hazuki's color illustration dedicated to you. If you have not checked out their wonderful titles, you can check them out here!

A lot of people travel to Japan for the autograph event and conventions, but not during this time.

(*Each order will come with tracking, due to current situation, international shipping may take a couple of months, but you will have a tracking number and updates from us)

1. How big is the color illustration?

The shikishi paper size is normally about 9.5 X 9.5 inch. 2. Would the buyer to able to specify what they want drawn?

Ruri Hazuki sensei will decide which character to draw and it will be a few colored rough drawing with your name! 3. Would there be a section for a special message for the buyer to send to the creator if they would like? In autograph events, fans love to talk to the creator for support.

You can submit your message for Ruri Hazuki sensei from We will deliver her your original and translated messages.

Have fun!

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