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Review sheepD Titles!

March 13th, our popular artist, sheepD's new title "Blanche Neige" is finally coming out! This new title is amazingly delicate and beautiful art style as usual.

Before celebrate releasing new title, I wanted to review sheepD titles that are already available in English on Lilyka's Website.

Asymmetry - This is a story of how two people meet with completely opposite personalities. Airi and Kanon couldn't be more different but still, fate has a way of bringing these two together.

Asymmetry 2 - The story continues for two polar opposites, Airi and Kanon.

“Were you looking at me?” A story unfolds from that one phrase, and a possible romance?

Oasis des lys - Filled with wonderful illustrations of girls in love, this book is sure to warm your heart. A collection of illustrations by sheepD, in full color! With a little something extra at the end.

If you haven't read these titles, go get them before you start reading the new title "Blanche Neige"to know sheepD's works better. All available in English on Lilyka Website

Please keep eye on our Website or Twitter account to get an early announcement.

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