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Meet The Artist: Episode One - Twa (とぅわ)

Updated: Apr 29, 2020

Hi everyone! Lilyka-chan here! Today is the first entry in a series of interviews with the artists that we feature. With the release of Shiori and Yuki, what better way to launch the series than with the creator herself! Let's get started! Lilyka: Hello, Twa-sensei! How have you been during this time? Health is important. Twa: I've been staying home, and I have been well. Thank you. Lilyka: That's very good to hear! Let's get to know you a little better. How long have you been an artist? Twa: I have been drawing ever since I was a child, but ever since I became interested in Attack on Titan, I started making fan art about 5 years ago. Lilyka: That's interesting. I like Attack on Titan too. It's a fun series. Lilyka: Did you have any outside motivation to be come an artist? Twa: I realized that I had something to share with people, and art was the best way to do that. I was also inspired by my friends art. They started drawing 3 years ago. Lilyka: That's so nice! That leads me to my next question; when it comes to storytelling, how do you approach it? Twa: I often have ideas or concepts I want to approach, then I create the characters to tell and expand on the story. Lilyka: I see! That makes a lot of sense. So, what inspired you to create Shiori and Yuki? Twa: In regards to Shiori, Yuki, and Chii, for that matter, their relationship just developed naturally in my mind. Lilyka: That makes sense. They really are very grounded characters. There is a scene where Shiori and Yuki were talking about depending on each other, was that inspired by a real life experience? Twa: In Japan, as well as other countries, you know, women still face certain unique hardships in life. I just want to encourage those hardworking women. So, some of it is real, and some are just dreams. Lilyka: Wow, that's really inspiring. Do you have any words for aspiring creators? Twa: Creating things can be really tough, but don't give up! We can make the world more colorful and wonderful together! Lilyka: I completely agree! You definitely inspired me! Now, finally, do you have any final words for your western fans? Twa: Thank you for reading my manga. Your support gives me a lot of encouragement, and I hope my works can touch you and encourage you. Thank you! Lilyka: Thank you, Twa-sensei! I'm sure your words have inspired many fans around the world. Well then, that's all the time we have for today! Thank you very much for your support everyone, and thank you for reading our first episode! Tune in next time! Follow Twa-sensei @tellacode on Twitter! Lilyka-chan

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