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Meet The Artist: Episode 4 - TATSUBON

Hello everyone! We're back with a new episode! Welcome to the fourth installment of the Meet The Artist series! I'm your bubblegum host Lilyka-chan!~ Today's guest also has a running series in our catalog. Please welcome the author of the "Tadokoro-san" series, TATSUBON! As always, let's get started, shall we? Lilyka: Hello, TATSUBON-sensei! Thank you for taking the time out to talk with us! How are you during this time? TATSUBON: Currently, I'm working on the "Tadokoro-san" series for commercial magazines and an original works like "Liberta into the World". I feel as if I'm working non-stop every day. Lilyka: I totally understand that. Work can be a lot, but it's also rewarding. Speaking of daily life, who is your biggest influence that drives your day by day routine? TATSUBON: When it comes to every day life... I think it's my father. My father is also an artist, so he has a significant influence. Lilyka: That's so nice. Parents are definitely are a great influence on our lives. Since you mentioned that your father is an artist, do you have any other artists that are your favorites? Manga or non-manga. TATSUBON: When it comes to manga artists, I like the work drawn by Shiro Miwa. Also recently, I've been hooked on Osamu Nishi's "Welcome to Demon School, Iruma-kun." The story is very interesting. Then, my friend, Kiyoto Shitatara's manga "Shinobuna! Chiyo-chan!" is cute. I recommend it. Lilyka: I definitely will! It's always nice to see who artists admire. Now, shifting to your own work. I want to learn more about your process in developing "Tadooro-san" In there, the way the relationship develops is really sweet. Did you have any inspiration for writing their blossoming relationship? TATSUBON: The story of "Tadokoro-san" is more inspired by my wild imagination. It's not about things like creating excitement, having influences, or using memories. It's just fun to create an atmosphere that can't exist outside of manga. Lilyka: Wow, that's a really unique perspective. It really adds a lot of charm to your work. That shows in your comedic elements as well. Do you have a specific process for coming up with those moments? TATSUBON: I like movies, so sometimes I may parody them in my stories. For example, when I was starting out, I drew a lot of action. Now, I try to sprinkle a bit of flashy action in as an element that's not in ordinary love comedies. With that, I feel I'm adding a bit of extra flare. When I can't think of anything, I may just watch movies instead of reading a manga. Lilyka: That's amazing. I would have never figured. Well to wrap things up, do you have any final words for your fans? TATSUBON: Thank you for reading "Tadokoro-san". It's surprising to know how many people are reading my manga. I'm a little busy at the moment, so I may not be able to take on the task right way. That being said, if people are wanting more, I may release another western version. See you soon! Lilyka: And thank you for your time TATSUBON-sensei! We look forward to whatever you have in store! Thank you all for joining me on this episode of the interview series! Until next time! Follow TATSUBON on twitter! TATSUBON's works:

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