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"Lilyka's Yuri Save The World Project" Arabic version!

Interview messages from the artist Tamiko sensei for Starlight!


●Please tell us about your profile Tamiko sensei!

I'm not sure what to write about my profile, but my favorite food is sweets,

and my hobby is incense.

●Your hobby is very sophisticated! How did you feel about your work being selected by Arabic translator?

I thought it's nice and dreamy that my manga is read by people in far away countries.

●Please talk to us about the behind the scenes of Starlight?

I often draw small daily relations by replacing them with the theme of trauma, sublimation of the past, so this manga is like that.

It is a sublimation in the wrong direction though...

●That's pretty deep...Do you have any messages for everyone in all regions, including Arabic-speaking people and countries?

It would be a great honor if you could read this work. I would be happy if there is something I could share my feelings with.

Interview messages from English to Arabic Translator Jamila from Palestine!


●How manga and pop culture is growing in Arabic regions?

When I was starting to translate Starlight, I'm reading a lot about Manga and pop culture. Before 2000s, Anime was more popular than Manga in the Arab world. But Manga was often imported in French in limited quantities. Over time , with the rise of the internet, the popularity of Manga began to increase, it became widely available online. In recent years, the general public has been increasingly given the opportunity to read Arabic comics in the style of Manga. So, we can say there are a lot of Arabian fans for Manga.

●This is extremely interesting to find out! Could you tell us the reason why you selected Starlight to translate?

I chose Starlight, because I feel the title refers to hope.

●Do you have any messages for manga fans in Arabic regions?

It is good to have this experience with exciting Manga style .

عزيزي القارئ تمتع بالقصص المصورة بأسلوب رسم مميز و فريد و متنوع المحتوى.

هذا النمط الخاص من الرسم يُمكّنك عزيزي القارئ من التمتع ليس فقط بالقصة أو الأحداث التي تجري أمامك بل بجمّالية المشهد و التفاصيل المرسومة، بالطبع مشهد المانجا سيبقى أمامك ماشئت من الوقت حيث يمكنك مراقبة كل التفاصيل و معايشة الموقف كاملاً.

(Dear readers, enjoy the comics in a distinctive and unique graphic style and varied in content. This special style of drawing enables you, to enjoy not only the story or the events taking place in front of you, but the beauty of the scene and the drawn details. Of course, the manga scene will remain in front of you for as long as you want, where you can observe all the details and live the whole situation.)

Thank you so much Tamiko sensei and Jamila san for your great and terrific work!

(It is also good study language resource as well! Thank you so much for reading this article!)

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