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☔Letters From a Rainy Day-Oceans and Lace- A beautiful suspense? Dating from blackmail...✉️

👩Lilyka: Hello, Mikuriya Mikuri sensei! Please introduce yourself and also let us know if you have any special hobby?

✏️My name is Mikuriya Mikuri, and I am a scenario writer.

I usually write game scenarios, but I also like handicrafts and knit a lot.

👩Lilyka: Please tell us the reason behind the creation of the “Letters from a Rainy Day - Oceans and lace” and your strong feelings about it.

✏️Mikuri: I have always loved yuri (girls love) works, and Letters From a Rainy Day was my long-cherished dream. I did my best to write about my favorite things in the setting of a young lady's school, my favorite hydrangea (beautiful flower for rainy season), and Kamakura (This city faces Bay and was the political and military center of Japan during the Kamakura period (1185-1333). Many historical sites and cultural assets are there.).

All of the illustrations by sheepD-sensei are really beautiful, and the sweet sorrow and sensitivity of the work really blend together. It is a work that many people will enjoy!

👩Lilyka: Any special message for overseas fans, or any other message that would benefit from the purchase of the Letters From a Rainy Day?

✏️Mikuri: We hope that many people around the world will enjoy the Letters From a Rainy Day - Oceans and lace, which we have created with great care.

We hope that fans of Ms. SheepD, as well as yuri lovers, and those who have not yet had much knowledge with yuri works will also enjoy it.

In addition, as an exclusive benefit for those who purchase this title through Lilyka/Digital Manga, you will receive digital contents such as icons for social media and wallpapers as a special bonus! We hope you enjoy them too!

👩Lilyka: SheepD sensei, quite a few people may know about you already, although for those who are new, please introduce yourself with your new info!

🐶My name is SheepD, and I am in charge of character design and original drawings for "Letters From a Rainy Day - Oceans and lace.”

I am an illustrator and manga artist who loves yuri/GL and the origin of my pen name SheepD, is from my two loved Shetland Sheepdog, they are mother and daughter.

In my personal life, I enjoy embroidery, especially the traditional Norwegian Hardanger embroidery.

The story "Letters From a Rainy Day" takes place in a traditional all-girls school and I, myself, also went to a private mission school from elementary school.

At the time, I was fed up with the closed environment with only girls, but now it makes me feel nostalgic.

👩Lilyka: Please tell us about the secret story, production episodes, and your strong feelings for the production of Letters From a Rainy Day.

🐶sheepD: This was my first-time making art for a game, so it became a work that I will remember for the rest of my life.

The first thing I did after receiving the job offer was designing the uniforms!

I put so much effort into it, that I submitted the uniform proposal before the character design.

If you are interested in the structure of the uniform, please take a look at the *fanzine (actually created by the SheepD) where you will find detailed explanations.

The heroine Shiori's hobby is handicrafts, so I designed her hair style with the idea that she might tie her hair with a ribbon she made herself. I think I was able to create a character with a reserved and introverted nature.

In contrast to Shiori, Mikoto's long hair is carelessly flowing, I designed her to be a strong character.

In fact, my PC malfunctioned while I was working on this project, and I had to hastily replace it with a Mac. I was quite nervous as I needed transferring data and reconfiguring the paint software, but now I have good memories of it.

👩Lilyka: If you have any special message for overseas fans in conjunction with this work, or any message that would benefit from the purchase of the Letters From a Rainy Day, please let us know!

🐶sheepD: We are pleased to announce that we will be offering a coterie magazine of the "Rainy Day - Oceans and lace".

It includes character design roughs, illustrations of uniforms, and a short story written by Mikuriya Mikuri, who was in charge of the scenario.

We hope you will enjoy it along with the game!

💻Click Here to Play Letter From a Rainy Day - Oceans and Lace-

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Mikuriya Mikuri Twitter: @syoko_mikuri

SheepD Twitter: @sheepD_

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