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kkzt "the Blank of Describer" Interview

The new title "the Blank of Describer" by kkzt is available now.

Here is the interview for the first kkzt's title in English. Enjoy!

Lilyka-chan: Thank you so much for taking the interview. so first, please introduce yourself.

kkzt: My name is kkzt. I like Yuri, arts and Sci-Fi.

I have been drawing since I was little, but I didn’t start regularly drawing manga until I was 18.

I have always liked to sketch the details of pretty girls. I was so happy to be able to draw many different types of girls so I started drawing Yuri.

I used to like delicate feeling between girls, how beautiful they are or how pretty they are. Recently, I’m getting into manga about working women’s love and about daily life with chill relationships.

Lilyka-chan: How was this story born?

kkzt: I was like thinking I’d like the theme to have a little bit of fantasy but be a little ambiguous to make it more believable. I came up with a job called “Kijutsushi (Describer)” who produces custom-made dreams. I think it’ll be fun if you can imagine that there are other jobs like that in this world. Also, this manga is actually based on another one of my previous works. I wanted to create a connection between them with subtle references. So I made this to put many ideas and references of my previous work.

Lilyka-chan: About this title, the theme is “Order Your Dreams”, What kind of dreams do you want to order, kkzt?

kkzt: Personally, I feel it would be meaningless if I only ordered specific dreams, I just want to order something breathtaking or magnificent. I just want to see an unrealistic extensive ocean; sky or sunset… and it would be awesome if I receive a “Present” too. Other than that, I would like to have a dream that will give me inspiration for my works, but I’m guessing that’ll be a little bit difficult to order. Lol.

Lilyka-chan: Please give a comment for YURI Fans all over the world.

kkzt: I’m so glad there are YURI readers around the world as a YURI creator and YURI fan.

I hope you have high-quality YURI, blooming beautifully everyday.

I’m going to work hard to become a part of YURI’s blooming.

If you want to get more information about kkzt or "the Blank of Describer"

Twitter: @kkztx



If you haven't read "the Blank of Describer", click the cover below!

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