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Happy Valentine's Day!

Happy Valentine's Day for all YURI fans!

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Hope you have a sweet Valentine's Day.

We wanted to give you some Valentine recommendation for all YURI fans today.

Here is MUST READ on Valentine's Day!


Tadokoro-san and Nikaidou-san have finally started going out! But being that they are both still new to relationships, they each struggle to figure out what the other person really wants. Who wll be the first to step out of their comfort zone and make a move?


A collection of Valentine's Day short stories filled with sweet and bitter moments that's sure to make your heart melt!

◆ CHOCO - Two girls who struggle with gift giving.

◆ TEACH - A relationship between tutor and student.

◆ SHARE - Popular senpai x Jealous kouhai.

Lily Confit

Sawa, an art school student, sees her beloved senpai Miku, lying in the middle of the street on campus. She takes Miku home and there, Miku regains consciousness. Sawa asked what happened and come to find out that Miku is so focused on her photography, she forgets to eat. It has gotten to the point where she has fainted on more than one occasion. Sawa, an avid cook, offers to make meals for her. Thanks to this strange situation, these two will get to know more about each other and who knows, maybe they will become more than friends.

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