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"Hakuba Run" by Japalp112 is available now!

A world of darkness where the enormous power rules alone as desires.

Hakuba runs through the earth like light and challenges the opponent like burning flames, to believe in a world where we can freely love each other. 

① Profile, hobbies, special skills, etc. for japalp112

I've loved drawing manga since I was little.

After high school and college, I fell in love with Yuri.

I am trying to spread battles and adventures with yuri manga...

Currently, I am posting my works on the Japanese posting site DAYSNEO and PIXIV.

I also sell my works on BOOTH.

As for other work, I have posted "Dragon Knight" (episode 1).

My hobbies are traveling, mountain climbing and studying history.

My favorite manga artists are Osamu Tezuka, Rumiko Takahashi, and Akira Toriyama.

② The story behind the production of this work, secret stories, feelings, and other things that you want to mention specially.

Many of the characters in my work "Hakuba Run" are derived from the Nagano prefecture,

which I adore because I like traveling and mountain climbing.

Inspired by the nature of Shinshu Nagano,

"Hakuba Run" was produced as a battle yuri work in which boyish girls play an active role.

I put my favorite elements (Yuri, Boyish Girls or tomboys, Battle Heroine, Horseback Battle, Adventure) into this work.

In Japan, yuri works that have adventure and battles are known as "battle yuri".

I made "Hakuba Run" as my first work in order to further popularize the "Battle Yuri".

③ Message to overseas readers

Thank you for reading.

Currently, I'm on Twitter as japalp112 (@GQN0NQJ0JqtyJ04) and publishing my work.

If you are interested, please come visit us! It would be very encouraging if you could send me a message of support in the DMs!

Hope to see you again with my next Yuri work!

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