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Original cover art! English version of Tadokoro san continues for a little bit longer. m(__)m

♡ ♥ TATSUBON sensei, could you let us know your profile, specialties, and hobbies for overseas readers?

My name is TATSUBON. Thank you for enjoying Tadokoro-san.

I used to be a manga artist who mainly drew action manga, but this time I tried my hand at romantic comedy.

I don't have any special skills, but lately I've been cooking a lot.

The taste is average!

My hobby is watching movies. I'm not a film buff, but I think I've seen quite a few. I like horror movies.

♡ ♥ We would like to know Tadokoro san’s production secrets, feelings, stories behind the scenes, highlights, etc.

I think the highlight of Tadokoro-san is Nikaido-san's brokenness. It is fun to draw the gap between her brokenness and her usual image as a sparkling young lady.

Tadokoro-san is also a bit of a devil when the situation calls for it, isn't she? It's fun to draw her like that.

♡ ♥ Is there any message or updates you want the readers to know?

Thank you for reading Tadokoro-san.

I'll be continuing this story for a little longer. m(__)m


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