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Breathtakingly beautiful, Japanese Traditional Fashion Illustration Book by yuri artist "Toriniwa"

Enjoy this beautiful collection of illustrations showcasing the traditional Japanese fashion by the ever talented "The Gathering of Love" & "The Mermaid's Garden"'s yuri artist Toriniwa.

👧 Toriniwa sensei, could you tell us your profile, specialties, and hobbies for readers?

My name is Toriniwa. I draw manga and comic art. I like to study modern and contemporary history, culture, and also architecture. I studied Iai in the past.

*(Iai is a sword technique in which you quickly draw your sword and slash at your enemy from a Japanese traditional martial art called Iaidō.)

👧Could you talk about behind the scenes of this Japanese traditional Fashion Illustration book?

This book is a compilation of two creative illustration books I published in 2018 and 2020.

I draw modern Japanese kimonos, fanciful kimonos, mermaids, architecture, what I like, and how I like.

The tools I use are SAI, Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, and watercolor pencils.

👧Do you have any special messages for the readers?

This is what I would like readers around the world to know about me and my message.

There is a lot of culture, history, historical sites, and architecture around the world, so please search for them and discover them.

I hope you enjoy the illustrations of Japanese kimonos and hakama (old school uniforms for girls) with this book.

Japanese Traditional Fashion Illustration Book

The Gathering of Love

The Mermaid's Garden (Danse Macabre)

Toriniwa Twitter @niwasoto

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