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"A Manga About An All Girls' College Student" by Yuriemon is really lovely awkward...💛

💛Yuriemon-sensei, please introduce yourself to your readers overseas! Also, what would you say your special skill is?

Hello everyone, my name is Yuriemon and I’m a yuri manga creator. I started off by mainly uploading my original works onto support sites such as pixiv FANBOX and Fantia. (These are only available in Japanese but please check them out!) And I can’t say that I have a special skill, but my hobby is creating yuri manga and I love doing it.

💛Please tell us a little about what went into creating, A Manga About An All Girls' College Student.

I decided to work on A Manga About An All Girls' College Student, simply because I was interested in writing a yuri story about a girl who also happens to be a college student. My upcoming manga, Happy Cohabiting Yuri Manga (soon to be released), will give a more detailed background story of the various characters that I often drew on my support sites. Since the ones on the support sites are shorter in length, I wanted to dive deeper with my longer mangas which gives me a chance to show a little bit of the darker side of the characters.

💛Is there anything else you would like to tell our readers?

I was initially a little worried about how my portrayal of same-sex romance would translate into different cultures and languages, but I hope people all around the world will enjoy my work. Now that I think about it, I regret not taking my English studies more seriously back when I was a student myself. I’m very grateful for this opportunity to work with LilykaManga, and someday I hope to write a looong lovey-dovey manga for you all!

Yuriemon Twitter @oekaki_y_r

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