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L∴K∴R:La Lilio kaj la Rozo Illustration Book is released!

💮Could you tell us about your profiles, hobbies, special skills for your readers!

Onijima Shijiro Akiyasu is a young man who always has delusions about the emotions of girls.

In order to breathe new life into his fantasies, the young man summoned two souls capable of conjuring up a person's darkest desires, Lilio the White Princess and Ruzo the Black Princess.

Therefore, the young man named Shijiro Onijima Akiyasu, who’s right and left hands were inhabited by Lilio Shirahime and Rozo Kurooujho respectively, creates girls’ delusions with his emotions.

All of the above are actually jokes. Please don't take it seriously. ^ _ ^;

💮Interesting...💖Could you talk about the story behind the production of this illustration book, your feelings, and other things that you want to mention specially.

I always create yuri works and proceed to make girls for the main roles.

I usually draw manga and rarely draw illustrations. It is my first experience putting together some illustrations and adding context aside.

The two girls in the silent manga section of this work are our poster girls ... Lilio Shirahime white princess and Rozo Kuro'oujo the Black Princess. They are also the realization of the pen name I use when making yuri works.

The two girls are always Lovey-dovey and will never let go of each other. They are like my hands (?). Later I will create more and more yuri, then I'll have the opportunity to collect my yuri works as a book and publish it...

💮 Surprising💖Do you have messages to readers all over the world?

Thank you for visiting! !!

I am very happy to introduce everyone in the world to my work.

Actually, I'm not a manga artist or illustrator whose profession is to draw pictures.

How was your impression of my work?

If you like it, Please visit my

Twitter @yuri_to_bara

and my pixiv

The works are constantly being updated. Thank you!

Several illustrations are exclusively drawn and designed for Lilyka! The story part is written in English, Japanese and Chinese.

⬇️"L∴K∴R:La Lilio kaj la Rozo Illustration Book" is available now!⬇️

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