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Author: Yuu Nagori

Featuring the unique Yuri creator, Yuu Nagori's "Color Illustration Shikishi Autograph Event" is started!

● Would there be a section for a special message for the buyer to send to the creator if they would like? In autograph events, fans love to talk to the creator for support.

Yes, of course, you can! also, customizable means, you can submit your name to be appear on Shikihi and illustration requests by lilykamanga.com/contact

Yuu Nagori sensei will try to fulfill your request as much as possible with her own understanding.

The illustration is usually like a few colored rough drawing with your name.

If you haven’t already, be sure to check out Yuu Nagori sensei's amazing title~! 


*The shikishi will be priced at $370 + tax. Shipping, handling and tracking number are included.

**Quantities are limited. please note, shipping times is longer than usual due to current international postal delays.

●How big is the color illustration?

The shikishi paper size is about 9.5 X 9.5 inch.

Thank you so much!

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