SHWD [Doujinshi Version] ep.4

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Author: sono.N

Quick note from the author: Please check out SHWD 1st Anniversary before reading this book! It contains two short stories that shows a little bit of what happens from where we left off in SHWD Ep.3. Free to read here:

Part 4 continues the story of Leone Cass who works at the Fukuoka Branch of SHWD. Leo suffers from pedophobia, a fear of children, due to having her own daughter killed by Dynamis in the past. Jun Nonaka is a fully-grown woman who happens to look like a little girl, but Nonaka is the only "child" in existence who does not trigger Leo's symptoms. Nonaka claims that she's only lending her body to Leo to help her stabilize her mental condition, but is that all...?

(50 Pages)

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