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OshiRabu: Waifus Over Husbandos

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Author: Hublots & SukeraSomero

Alt title: 推しのラブより恋のラブ

Languages: English, Japanese, Chinese (simplify & traditional) are all included.[日本語, 繁體字, 简体中]

Mature content included.


Minimum System Requirements

OS: Windows 7/8.1/10 (32bit or 64bit)
CPU: Intel Pentium 4/AMD Athlon 64 (Recommended: Intel Core 2/AMD Athlon 64 X2)
Memory: 2GB (Recommended: 4GB)
Resolution: 1280~720 pixel
DirectX compatible soundcard or onboard chipset


"--I wanna marry you." Those simple words set in motion a yuri game of cat and mouse!

"As a child, there was a love story that captivated me.
In the story, an alien came down from space and extravagantly proclaimed her love to an Earthling man.
I never imagined that, decades later, I'd be living out that story for myself..."
Akuru Hayahoshi is an unlucky otaku office worker who just can't pull her husbando in the gacha game she's obsessed with, no matter how much money she throws at it.
Until one day, she runs into the garishly gorgeous and freakishly lucky Ren Furutachi.
A series of misunderstandings lead to a proposal, and Ren starts to full-on pursue Akuru.
One thing leads to another, and in order to bring her husbando home, she ends up... bringing Ren home?! Now they're sharing a house... and a bed?!
To unpresuming Akuru this cool, lady-loving girl might as well be an alien!
Akuru wants her husbando, and Ren wants Akuru as her waifu...
Are these two ever gonna end up together?!
Tune in to this slapstick yuri comedy to find out!


1. Will They or Won't They? Yuri style!
Putting the yuri spin on a staple of shonen manga
with a slapstick game of romantic cat and mouse.
2. Gorgeous yurilicious graphics
Character designs by the popular illustrator DSmile!
A tale of girl meets girl in vivid watercolor.
3. Spicy after story
Enjoy a naughty after story with the 18+ patch!


Late nights at the onsen...
Akuru and Ren take a trip to celebrate their one month anniversary.
In contrast to Ren's enthusiasm, Akuru's at a loss for how to act--after all, she's never been with a woman before.
Even when they're naked in the baths she seems distracted. Losing her patience, Ren pulls out all the stops to put the moves on Akuru when they're in bed.
But her attempts are thwarted, until Akuru says something unexpected...
"Wanna stay up late with me, Ren?"
Follow up the main course with the after story dessert,
as the lovers enjoy a sweet and slightly spicy short stay at the hot springs.
¡¡¡What is SukeraSomero?¡¡¡
SukeraSomero is the sister brand of SukeraSparo,
the yuri game studio behind "The Expression Amrilato" and "Folklore of Kudan".
The name comes from the Esperanto words for "sugary" (sukera) and "summer" (somero),
conjuring up images of sweet summer days with just a hint of spice
The brand's mission is to fill the world with YURI!
Our first release, "TITLE HERE", is a classic rom-com with a yuri twist!

With artwork by the internationally-acclaimed illustrator DSmile

it's a yuri game for the whole world!

(estimated play time: 4 - 6 hours)

© HUBLOTS & SukeraSomero

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