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L∴K∴R:La Lilio kaj la Rozo Illustration Book

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Author: Shirahime Lilio . kaj . Kuro'oujo Rozo

Alt Title: L∴K∴R:La Lilio kaj la Rozo

白姫リリオ.kaj. 黒王女ロゾまたは 鬼島四次郎明康 イラストレーションブック

This is an original illustration book of our poster girls. Featuring daily lives (?) of Shirahime Lilio (White Princess) & Kuro'oujo Rozo (Black Princess) together they are knows as L∴K∴R:La Lilio kaj la Rozo . In this "first book", they will take their first steps to the yuri world 🌺

The story part of this book is written in English, Japanese and Chinese.

Yuri Yuri Love Love Everywhere!?

(21 pages)

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