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En Maruyama Color Illustration Shikishi Autograph Event

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Author: En Maruyama

Featuring the PRETTY Yuri creator, En Maruyama!

Nice to meet you everyone, I'm En Maruyama. I mainly write Yuri manga based on schoolgirls.

I really love to draw PRETTY girls. Let me bring to life the ideal girl who you most desired.

twitter: @marumaru_en

We can deliver her work all over the world.

You can submit your illustration requests and she will draw the way she understands.

Shikishi front: Your requested color illustration, autograph and your name

Shikishi back: line sketching

*Shikishi will be priced at $600 + tax including shipping and handling with tracking number.

Quantities are limited.

**Completion schedule is varied, and shipping times may longer than usual due to current postal delays.

●How big is the color illustration?

The shikishi paper size is about 9.5 X 9.5 inch.

● Would there be a section for a special message for the buyer to send to the creator if they would like? In autograph events, fans love to talk to the creator for support.

You can submit your message, your name to be appear on Shikihi and your illustration request from here!

Enjoy the real artwork!

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