Ako Katakura Shikishi Autograph Event

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Featuring the veteran Yuri creator, Ako Katakura! We can deliver it all over the world.

Ako Katakura Shikishi Autograph Ako Katakura Version:

Ako sensei will decide for you which existing characters to draw on your Shikishi!

It will be a nice few colored rough drawing with your name!

If you haven’t already, be sure to check out Ako Katakura's amazing series~! 

Ako Katakura Works

*Each shikishi will be priced at $270 + tax, including shipping and handling with tracking number.

Quantities are limited.

**Each order will come with tracking, however - please note, shipping times is longer than usual due to current postal delays.

● How big is the color illustration?

The shikishi paper size is about 9.5 X 9.5 inch.

● Would there be a section for a special message for the buyer to send to the creator if they would like? In autograph events, fans love to talk to the creator for support.

Yes, we can send your messages for her!

You can submit your message and your name for Ako Katakura sensei from lilykamanga.com/contact
We will also deliver them for you!

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